About us

SIYOB GROUP is operating in Uzbekistan Market as well as in abroad for more than ten years. SIYOB includes the following organizations:

MTP SIYOB AGROMASH TEXNIK deals with the selling tires for trucks, tractors and OTR, and also deals with a large range of spare parts. This organization for many years is an official dealer of tire manufactures of Russia, China, Ukraine, Belarus as well as the European Community.

JV SIYOB SAHOVATI LTD engaged in the processing of agricultural products, bottling and wholesale vegetable oils, launched production of about 20 species of fruit and vegetable conservation. In 2012, was organized a new production of preforms for 5L oil PET-bottles.

FH SIYOB SHAVKAT ORZU is engaged in the processing of agricultural products. In 2011, it was established growing broiler chickens. For this purpose was purchased from abroad poultry farm line with European quality standards. At present FH SIYOB SHAVKAT ORZU is going to launch dairy for producing dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, clotted cream, sour cream and milk with a different percentage of fat.

SIYOB GROUP is developing dynamically, and we try to be always up to date of new technologies to develop new areas in production. Our experts always try to work with each client individually. Cooperating with us, you get the real benefits of:

Our purpose is long term cooperation, and we offer individual price and terms of payments for our permanent clients.